Sunday, March 11, 2012

This is Me Now

devoted to u instead being all about me,
making sure ur needs are met and ur happy,
creating smiles and only tears of joy,
removing brick by brick till these walls fall down,
this is me now..
this is me now,
this who i wanna be,
this is me now,
i can finally say it's the real me,
the past is gone, i can look in the mirror, wow...
this is me now,
u're gonna look back on the past and u'll laugh,
look at all that we have made it thru,
u'll be so proud of the person u took back,
i'll spend, every second of my life proving 2 u,
that there's no need 2 regret,
cuz we'll make it thru somehow,
u'll look at me and one day say,
i'm so proud... and i love u...
cuz this is me now,
this is who i was supposed 2 be,
this is me now,
don't be afraid 2 get close 2 me,
i've conquered my fears,
stepped out of the storm,
and i'm never going back to the norm,
i can finally look in2 the mirror and say wow..
this is me now...
i'm strong enough 2 say,
i'm no longer the ugly1,
i am brave, and i know,
that i am some1,
i'm gonna be there,
every second until i die,
being the man u've always dreamed of,
the love of your life,
never giving up,
and always fighting harder,
a better father to our sons,
and our beautiful daughter..
this is me now,
this is who i am,
this is who i wanna be,
this is who i was supposed 2 be,
i had to conquer the storm,
push my way on thru and find a way out,
the past that once kept me down is gone,
and this is me now...

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