Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why Did This Have 2 Be?

Down at ur feet,

Hands on my head,

Tears falling uncontrollably,

Why..why did this have 2 be?

How is it that kids are so mean?

We say sticks n stones break our bones,

But it's the words that hurt the most,

Still, why.. Why did this have 2 be?

Where were the teachers?

Where were the parents,

Were the signs flashing before everyone's eyes?

I ask u why...why did this have 2 be?

Is it really in our nature not 2 get involved,

When we see somebody hurting,

Do we just not care at all?

And how do we judge those,

That we won't take the time 2 get 2 know.....

While our community mourns him,

I call those those responsible 2 task,

Did u ever reach out a hand 2 him?

Did u take the time to ask.. R u okay?

I don't have words of comfort,

I'm angry as hell inside,

Are the bullies who caused this all,

Beaming inside with pride,

Are the teachers whispering how they should have done that or this?

And most of all,

I'm on my knees,

Asking with my heart clinched in my fist,

Tell me why....

Why did this have 2 be?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

could've been

could've been a whisper,
could've been a sigh,
could've been a quick hello,
and a quick goodbye,



U’re hearing voices,

The floors are creaking up and down the halls,

U’re feeling chills,

And the pictures are all crooked on the walls,


The water’s dripping from a faucet,

U haven’t used in 3 days,

U’re seeing shadows,

And the blanket are wrinkled in a bed that u just made,


U used 2 believe in nothing,

Everything happens for a reason u suppose,

Just existing in the “alone u’ve made”

U used 2 believe in nothing,

Until u’ve seen the ghosts…


U’re seeing the people,

U’re seeing the places,

U’re seein the heart broken expressions,

U left on all their faces,


Y’see u’re a heartbreaker,

U’ve left a stain of a trail,

U’ve given yourself solitude,

In your lonely cell,


U don’t need anybody,

They’re not good enough 4 u anyway,

U keep repeating that,

But even u don’t believe a fucking thing u say,


U used 2 believe in nothing,

Till the open doors turned closed,

Just a poor little rich girl not really happy being all alone,

U used 2 believe in nothing,

Until u’ve seen the ghosts….


The ones u’ve promised love 2,

Are coming back 2 claim,

The hearts u took and shattered,

Each time u ran away,


The lies u’ve told are coming round 10fold,

Karma’s on her way,

U’re gonna reap just what u’ve sewn,


U used 2 believe in nothing,

Until.. u’ve seen… the Ghosts