Sunday, March 11, 2012


This one is a tribute to my oldest son, Jordan..who was #28 this past year on his varsity football team


might never have riches,
might never have fame,
but the day i'm called up,
when they say my name,
and ask me what i did with my life,
did the good outweigh the bad,
i'll tell em,
might not have been much,
but i was your dad,

might never own the biggest house,
might never drive the fastest car you've ever seen,
might not have everything that i have ever dreamed,
but when they call me up,
and my life is through,
when they ask me .. what did i do,
i'll tell em,
i might not be much,
but i was your dad,

i was there when u cried out at night,
i held u when u couldn't sleep,
i taught u how to write your name,
held your hand when u crossed the street,
i watched u take your very first steps,
and i've watched u run the field,
i've seen the person u've become,

talk about u all the time,
u gotta know i couldn't be proud(er)
tell everyone i know, and i get louder and louder,
as i say.. he's the best at everything he does,
he's becoming quite the man,
so everything that he becomes,
is worth everything i've ever had,

and everything i'll never ever have and then some,
he's tall dark and handsome,
most of all.. he's my son...
might never make a million dollars,
but what i have,
equals 2 so much more,
because i am your dad,
during my life i've not been 2 good,
not been 2 bad..
but everything i've ever been thru has lead 2 me,
getting 2 be,

your dad..

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