Saturday, October 24, 2015

Good Pussy

Another day at work,
Boss is a jerk,
Dancin round and round,
On my last nerve,
Can't wait 2 see my baby, 
Take her out on the town,
Do whatever she likes,
Then it's time to shut it down,
Cuz all I can think about is,

Her & her....
good pussy..

What's the use in money,
If I can't buy her somethin now & then,
A bunch of pretty dresses,
She can put that body in,
All of Victoria's secrets,
Ain't got a damn thing on her,
Cuz what she got,
I like a lot, her lovin' is preferred,
And that's why.. All I been thinkin bout is...

Her & her....
good pussy.... 

Baskin Robin got 37,
My baby got somethin else,
Anytime That I can't have her lovin,
I might have to touch myself, (horns!)

Early in the Mornin,
Late in the afternoon,
Whenever I get to see my baby,
U know it won't be too soon,
Of course she likes it to,
Says Im always #1 pick,

My baby got that good pussy,
She say I got the good dick! (Horns)

All I can think about,
What I can't do without,
Make a man scream and shout,
Her and her good pussy,

Al I can think about,
What I never wanna be without,
Make a man scream and shout,
Her and her..

Goooooooood Pussssy!!! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Listen 2 Beth Sing

Crying like a baby and I don't know why,
This river of tears is flowin out of my blue eyes,
When will these memories cease,
Will I ever get a moment of peace?
Can't sleep cuz the nightmares,
Are overtaking me,
I never wanted this 2 be my identity,
But it seems like it will be...
It's engrained in me....
Scared 2 turn the lights out,
But the light's 2 bright,
Can't begin 2 describe the horrors,
I relived last night,
A frightened 10 year old boy,
Much 2 young 2 fight,
Closed closet doors,
Bad touches echo loud,
Feel like I am screaming in a quiet crowd,
But nobody hears me, 
Nobody notices me...
I just wanna be free,
I just wanna be whole,
I just wanna smile from the deepest parts,
Of my soul,
Don't wanna feel all alone,
Don't wanna feel by myself,
I want someone 2 care,
I just wanna see the night,
When I'm no longer scared,
2 close my eyes...
So I listen 2 Beth sing....

"Johnny ain't that bad, he just plays rough,
I ain't that scared when I'm covered up"
"I leave the light on... I leave the light on.."

"I ain't that bad I'm just fucked up,
I ain't that sad, I'm just.. Sad enough....

I wanna love, I wanna live.. I don't know much about it.. I never did"
(Beth Hart - Leave the Light On) 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Last Man on Earth

If I was the last man,
U were the last girl,
There was nobody else in this world,
Would u want me,
Would u love me,
Or would u rather be alone?

If there were no other voice,
On your telephone,
There was no other choice,
4 u 2 choose,
Would u call me, 
Would u love me,
Like u used 2?

If there were no other eyes,
No sun in the sky,
No stars 2 shine like crazy diamonds,
Would u look at me, 
Would u see me,
Would u love me,
Or would u still turn away,

I just wanted 2 be good enough,
I just wanted 2 feel,
I just wanted u 2 notice,
I just wanted u 2 focus on me 4 a change,
If there was no other 2 give ur heart 2,
Would u remember my name?

If I was the last man,
u were the last girl,
And there was no one left in this world,
Would u want me,
Would I be good enough then,
Or would u rather be alone....