Sunday, March 11, 2012


2day i don't feel like doin...2day i don't feel like doin.. 2day i don't feel like doin'.. 2 day i don't feel like doin'
don't go 2 clubs,
don't do shows,
i write hip hop anthems,
but no one knows,
i'm not on ur radio,
or your tv,
my face ain't on any magazines,
"i don't feel like... i don't feel like... i don't feel like... doin' anything"
i don't have a clothing line,
that bears my design,
i'm not on TMZ,
showin' my behind,
i'm not even spittin' these lyrics on youtube,
i'm not on my grind doin' whatever it is u do,
no videos on twitter,facebook or myspace,
no super model chicks snortin' coke at my place,
("meet a real nice girl have some real nice....)
matter of fact i'm married,
and it's not 2 the game,
3 kids and a job,
everyday's more of the same,
i'm kind of lame,
but the fact still remains,
if u give me a record deal,
i'd be hotter than hell's flames,
ringtones, singles and mp3's,
Cuz can't nobody..."F..." with me!
point of it all is.. gimme a microphone and a beat.. and it's all over.. but
2day i don't feel like doin' anything... anything at all...

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