Sunday, March 11, 2012


now that there seems to be some activity on the blog (yay!!), i will go head and say that there is no reason to ask if u can follow.. if u have read something or a few of the posts on here and wanna follow, i am appreciative and honored to have ya. Thanks In Advance!!  Any recommendations to your followers would be awesome as well.  I am also on Twitter.. chris_arnel   and on facebook, but i have a private profile, so if you wanna follow me on there, give me your facebook name, and i will look u up.

just wanted to say THANK YOU to Keith and Kim for checking the blog out and following, and for the awesome words about my stuff.. I used to post my stuff on Facebook in my "notes" section, but with the new timeline, it made them harder to find.  This way, any and everyone who wants to read em can and is welcome to leave a comment.

Again, just a random post to say HI and THANK YOU ..

and now i'm out..


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