Sunday, March 11, 2012


said it wouldn't work out,
said it just shouldn't be,
said we could never be 2gether,
but i disagree...

don't u see the love in my eyes?
can't u hear the truth beating in my heart?
this is supposed 2 be,
u say it's not,
but i disagree,

i think u're 2 scared,
i know u've been hurt,
i think u're afraid of bein' hurt again,
but i'm not like him,
not at all like him,
u'd see, if u'd really take a look at me,

u're making excuses,
u don't have the time,
u're reciting "let downs" by the book,
word for word (word for word), line for line (line for line),
u just won't set your heart free,
baby just take my hand and stand beside of me,

i know, i know u're a little scared,
because u've been hurt,
i think u're afraid of bein hurt all over again,
but it won't happen,

cuz i'm not like him, no not at all like him,
and this u could plainly see,
if u'd open those pretty eyes,
and take a good look at me...
so when u say it won't work out,
if u want, say the word and i'll leave,
but if u're saying we couldn't ever be 2gether,
we couldn't be in love 4ever...

i disagree....

i disagree...

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