Sunday, March 11, 2012


My Hip Hop roots are deep, since like um.. 1980.. and one of my heroes.. Chip Fu from the famous 90's group the Fu-Schnikens actually liked this one on facebook and gave me my props.. so i HAD to post this one..


never had a drinkin' problem,
never did drugs,
never was a criminal,
killa or a thug,
but i'm still an O.G..
i'm still an O.G.,
first off let me tell u somethin' bout me,
i was once in a group called da phamilee,
but the phamilee split cuz of somebody's greed,
and instead of about WE it was all about HE,
so i fleed, and started doin' my own thing,
no longer a child in this game,
i'm on my grown thing,
naz-t was the old name,
then there was HimIZfear,
now it's the maddladd,
dragonfire jones in here,
u can call me anything,
but tell me i'm not better,
than what's on the radio today,
u better never,
cuz i can twist the english language and flip,
3/4 of these rap cats in the mix,
for them it's all about ugly,
it's all about women, gettin' fame and gettin' money,
never been about that for me it's all love,
i'm still an O.G.
wanna see my name just one time on an album,
put a single on the charts, see what's the outcome,
have my kids be proud of me cuz daddy did somethin',
instead of talkin' bout it, sittin' around bitchin' about it,
but y'all don't have faith and y'all won't push it,
y'all won't support this thing called REAL music,
it's real round here, established in 82,
could never get signed because i was too,
light on the outside, way before eminem,
now everybody raps, it's no longer just em & them,
too many cluttering up a once exclusive,
everyday somebody else comin' with some new sh*t,
2 prove it, look for it on youtube,
but y'all ain't ready for Maddladd,
cuz would u,
call ya radio and request it on the playlist?
would u challenge the media, stand up and say sh*t,
face it,
it would be waste of time to push this .. but i'm pushin',
all up in your face get a taste of what i'm smooshin',
i'm an O.G.
don't like braggadocio? u want political?
want a hear a cat get REAL and anylitical?
please who gives a damn about Washington,
there all the same, democrats and republicans,
and it don't matter if it's pellozi, gringrich or palin,
they're all about makin' themselves rich and smooth sailin,
while we get poorer and they can't pay,
social security in August on the 3rd day,
can't afford to get my kids a card on their birthday,
while banks get bailed out, when we need one in the worst way,
wasn't WE the people what this country was built on in the first place?
all the politicians in D.C. wanna skirt chase,
and have their cake and eat it too,
and really don't give a (WHAT?!) about me and you,
it's a damn shame,
cuz they love to foreclose and repo,
but they ain't losin' their homes and their vehicles,
disgusting isn't it when ur paycheck don't streatch,
and ur kids wonderin' where their meals are comin' from next,
i haven't seen change since we voted this one in,
and it has nothin' to do with the color of his skin,
they're all full of bull sh*t, drinkin' gas and pi$$in' fire,
everyone in politics is a *** ****n Liar....
i'm on one,
and i'm still gone be,
maddladd, dragonfire jones,
and i'm still an O.G

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