Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fire and Ice

I'm just a snowflake,
u r the surface of the sun,
I might not have a chance,
but I ain't giving up,
we could go together & have something nice, 
a beautiful Love story about
and ice..

outta my league,
sure it's true that u might be,
but I think, if u'd look at me u'd see,
someone who cares,
someone who can be everything,
u'll ever need,

I gotta believe that someone has let u down,
and I just wanna lift u up...
show u a real, show u a real,
real love...

i'm just a snowflake,
u're the surface of the sun,
I might not have a chance,
but I ain't givin' up,
we could be together and have something nice,
a beautiful love story about,
and ice,

u don't have to over think it,
u don't have to ask your friends' opinion,
just think about the way I make u laugh,
and listen to the beating of ur heart,
whenever a smile starts to cross ur pretty face,
tell me what does it say....

cuz even tho i'm a snowflake,
and u're the surface of the sun,
i might be foolish,
but i ain't givin' up,
we could be together,
if u would only think twice,
a beautiful love story about,
fire and ice.....

u know that love doesn't come with all the obvious signs,
it could be the secret language spoken between ur heart and mine,
and who's to say it's not worth it, to give it a try,
oh why...... won't u give it a try.....

i'm a snowflake.. u're the surface of the sun,
i know i don't have a chance,
but i'm not ready 2 give up,
we could be together,
if u'd only give it a try,
a beautiful love story,
fire and ice....

opposites sometimes attract like fire...and .... ice...

Monday, December 24, 2012

20 Years in the Making

could it be,
that ur smile,
makes me smile,
and makes the wait worth while,
could it be that it makes sense of madness,

could it be that just ur laugh by itself,
could take away half,
of the sadness..that I've felt,

I don't know what it is about u,
but i'm kinda diggin' the thought,
of what it could come 2 be,

20 years in the making,
I can't wait 2 see,
what could come of u and me,

making u laugh is not a task at all,
it's what comes natural,
and it echoes thru my mind,
like an angel singing,

ur disposition is so kind that I,
know that if we took the time,
we could make something of what seems 2 be there,

20 years in the making,
I can't wait 2 see,
what could come of u and me,

there's already chemistry,
I feel it,
I think that u feel it too,
and I believe that if we take our time,
really try and see it thru,
that u'll look at me when I look at u and all things will make sense,
and then....

20 years in the making,
there could finally be,
a u and me...

20 years in the making,
there could finally be,
a... u and me...

could it be,
that ur smile,
makes me smile,
and makes the wait worth while,

20 years in the making...

Friday, December 21, 2012

If u're reading this

If u're reading this...
I couldn't take no more,
This wasn't a life at all,
It was much more like a war,
If u're reading this,
I tried with all my might,
Thought I was strong,
But I wasn't strong enough to win the fight,
If u're reading this....

I finally got the nerve,
2 tell this world goodbye,
2 go out before this last tear,
Fell from my eye,
Couldn't keep the game face on,
Couldn't face the truth,
Couldn't go another day,
Did what I had 2 do,
So if u're reading this,
I'm already gone..

If u're reading this,
I loved u more than life,
I was far less than a husband should b,
But u were a good wife,
Kiss my babies,
Tell em daddy really tried,
But get couldn't escape the pain,
He had deep inside,

Tell my baby sis,
She was everything 2 me,
I did what I had 2 do,
2 make sure she was okay,
And tho I'm no longer here,
I'll be watching her grow old,
Ask her to keep a good memory of her weak and bigger bro,
If I've reading this.....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


     I come to u humble and tired.. weak..breathing interrupted..longing for your acceptance...
longing for your approval... time and time again, u've turned me away, time and time again, u have turned your back on me... time and time again, u said.. get over it.. u dismissed me .. "pity party..table for one please!" was the excuse.. there's nothing wrong with me.. just wanted your attention.. i'm a seeker.. well.....

today was my first counselling session.  Dr. Leslie was nice, and very easy to talk to. i was really scared and nervous to tell another adult about what happened to me.  you see, most of the people i know, dismissed me as just being an asshole or being a big baby when it came to dealing with my past.  For those of u that don't know what the hell i'm talking about, let's recap shall we.

from age 10-14, i was repeatedly sexually,mentally and physically abused almost on a daily basis.  i was beaten so bad i would wake up in a hall closet not knowing where i was, only knowing i could taste blood in my cheek and mouth, and that my face was swollen and my eyes wouldn't open.

i've dealt with these things since escaping in 1989.

finally after making bad choices and self destructive decisions for most of my adult life, i decided to seek out help. 

Dr. Leslie heard my story and she said that i have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

i've done countless research since i've been home today, and all of the symptoms fit me perfectly.

so i will be adding links and i will be posting as much info as i can get on this illness and tracking my treatments.

for starters, here are some great reads...

thanks for continuing to visit my blog and for the support.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Stand Still

Wheels spinning a left on sunset,
Riding round thinking bout all the shit that I ain't done yet,
Are We having fun yet?
Nah man, I really ain't been trying shit,
Motherfuckers bringing me down,
I gotta find my way up,
Waiting on this job so I can finally show this pay stub,
Bullshit at a peak,
Man It's waist up,
I Hope happiness ain't too far away,
I really need a taste of,
That good life,
Not being hungry,
Not havin to pay a damn bill,
All this mundane day to day,
Got me at a stand still...