Sunday, March 11, 2012

Oh Lord

i've never come 2 so in need of peace,
i've never been this low in need of grace,
i've never been so lost inside this dark place,
but i'm calling out your name, oh lord

i need these voices out of my mind,
i need these memories where a thought can't find,
i need 2 forgive those who trespassed against me,
i need these 2 blind eyes..2 finally see... oh lord,

and while u're fixing the emptiness inside,
if u could do one more thing if u have the time,
could u whisper in Her ear...that her heart misses mine,
or turn her around so that she could see me.. oh lord,

i want this and i know that u can provide,
fix me from the in and to the outside,
take my pain and cast it aside..
far as east is 2 the west..

i'm calling ur name again oh lord,
i'm broken i'm bruised and i cannot afford,
2 travel this road without u and ur guiding light,
oh lord...

oh lord, i'm calling ur name.. i'm calling ur name..
i'm down on my knees and i'm calling ur name...

oh lord...
help me if u can

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