Wednesday, March 15, 2017



If u're ever in Missouri,
Come on by,
I could make u dinner,
Maybe u could stay the night,
We could talk but a fire,
Dance close and slow to ur favorite song,
We could make a lot of memories, 
That would last our whole life long, 
Yeah if u're ever.. in Missouri...
Come on by...

If you're ever lookin' for love,
Here I am,
When u're tired of foolin around,
With all those other men,
U could load up the car,
Take all except ur worries,
Put ur left foot on the gas,
Get here in a hurry, 
If u're lookin for love,
Come 2 Missouri... 

When u have finally had enough,
Of talkin bout it,
And you're ready 2 put, 
This forever in action,
It's not 2 far away,
If u think about it,
If I'm really the 1, 
And u can't live without it,
Come 2 Missouri,

If you're ever in Missouri, 
Come on by,
There's a love that's been waitin on u,
U should give a try,
A lot of beautiful scenery,
And the heart of a real nice guy,
If you're ever in Missouri...

If you're ever in Missouri...

Come on By....


U gave us life,
We give u pain,
Call u out of ur name,
Treat u in vain,
Say if u wear that,
It gives us the right,
U give an opinion,
We give u a fight,
U just want equal, 
U just want what's fair,
U wanna be know for more,
Than ass, boobs & some hair,
U're not entertainment; 
Some kind of game, 
U're everything... 
That's why they say Mother Nature,
That's why they say Mother Earth,
U're the beginner .. the ending.. 
U're so much more,
Our world will be better.. 
When we hear u roar..