Sunday, March 11, 2012

Independance Day

looks like u want ur independence,
this ain't 1776,
and I'm not british,
so if this is,
what u want,
what u need,
if this will make u happy,
i won't cry, i won't try,
to make u stay,
if leaving me will put a smile back on ur face,
then u can call tonight,
your independence day..
its clear that for a while now,
you don't love me,
you don't want me,
and what hurts the most is you don't need me,

what's 20 years when it comes 2 an end,
This won't happen again,
cuz i don't have another 4ever 2 give,

so take it all, but leave the pieces of my heart,
just throw em on the floor,
that can be ur defining moment,
when u declare u don't love me anymore,

No need for a tea party,
no uprising at all,
you're free to go,
here is your emancipation!

you want your independence,
you got your independence,
this isn't 1776,
I'm not british,
but make sure that this is___
what u want, what u need,
that this will make u happy,
cuz i wont cry, and i wont try,
to make you stay,
if leaving me will put a smile back upon ur face,
then tonight can be,
tonight u can be free,
tonight can be ur independence day,

"free at last, free at last, thank god almighty, u r free at last"

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