Monday, February 13, 2012

Your Song

this one is kind've a kiss off to anyone who THINKS that it's always about them. They can be anyway to you that they wanna be, and you will still be there, because your weakness is as strong as their Fake! This is to say.. um.. no.. but then it really is.. kinda their song.. but it's my creative spin on saying FUCK YOU without coming out and saying FUCK YOU (like i just did

This will never be,
No, it could never be,
No matter how u want it 2 be,
This just ain't your song,

So stop tryin' 2 learn the words,
There's no need 2 sing a long,
Cuz no matter how good it sounds in ur ears,
This will never be your song,

A song is written 4 the one u love,
A song is written 4 the one who loves u just as much,
It's not 4 the one who broke ur heart & made u cry,
It's not 4 the one... who said "goodbye",

So never mind what u think,
I couldn't waste the ink,
I'd rather save a tree,
Than ever write your song,

This will never be,
No it never, ever could be,
No matter how bad u want it 2 be,
No matter how much familiarity,
It's not within the realm of possibility,
That this could be your song,
No, baby, This is not..

Your Song

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