Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blue October

Many musicians and singers (there is a HUGE difference) have helped me along in my life, but none more than the band, Blue October. I first casually heard Blue on 105.7 "the point" in 2006. The song was "Hate Me". At first listen, i thought the song was a cool break up, almost a "F-U" song. Then i heard it again, and actually listened to what the song was addressing. It was the singer's way of telling someone who loved him unconditionally, to hate him, let him go and not to worry about him and just go on with their life.  I went home and downloaded everything i could find from this band, and was hooked. Every song was a feeling that i felt, a part of my life that i went through and never told anyone.  Justin Furstenfeld's song writing was telling my life story,better than i ever could.  December 2006, i made the desicion to write my autobiography as a way to release the demons of my past.  Unfortunately, those demons refused to leave and they almost took my life Dec.23rd 2006.  Had it not been for Blue October's music, i think i would have ended it all that night. I had the pleasure of meeting the band recently, even getting a few minutes to talk to Justin about how his music saved me. It was surreal. He was humble, honored and grateful that his music could touch someone so deeply. i introduced my daughter to him, and he even took time to sing happy birthday to my youngest son over the phone.  I have only missed 1 blue october concert in 6 years, and that will be the ONLY blue october concert i miss. Thanks again; Justin,Jeremy,Matt,Ryan,Julian and C.B. for your creative savior that is Blue October.

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