Friday, February 17, 2012


as i lay here & think about myself, i honestly can say, i am a pretty awesome guy. Why? well first off, i have NEVER hit a female..EVER!!  I sing better than most of the artists on the top 10 pop charts. I write very well, and i am not afraid to express my feelings. A lot of the time, expressing my feelings leaves me vulnerable and "open", but at least everyone knows without apology or question..exactly where i stand.  i don't smoke and i only drink casually and NEVER when it's my responsibility to drive.  I can hold my own on a variety of topics without sounding out of my league. I have a vast knowledge of music and, when all else fails, i can whip a conversation in that direction and win over even my biggest critics. I know when it's okay to swear, and wheb to keep it respectful. i know when to say sir and ma'am without it sounding too "kiss ass". i am respectful to all around me and do not tread on others' feelings. i am quick witted, and have a 1 liner locked and loaded for almost anything a person could say.  i am loyal. if i am your friend, i am your friend. you can call me for whatever and i am there. i stand on my word, amd if i tell u i will do something, you can believe its gonna get done. there are other ways i believe i am awesome, and a great person to be around, and if you are reading this, i will leave it up to you to determine and learn what those other reasons are...


  1. Sorry to be blunt...but are you married? You seem like a fantastic guy, someone who is a great example to three impressionable daughters.

    Keep it up...

  2. I just realized I assumed your kids are all girls. Sorry!