Monday, February 13, 2012


this one was a naughty thought during a boring day, imagination went on auto pilot, thinking of the hottest of moments when ... well...

a cool breathy whisper,
3 syllables so sweet,
she pulled herself close 2 me,
said "christopher"
and a few other naughty things,

only for a brief few,
she knew what others never knew,
how it would set the mood,
when she said.. "christopher"

everything else didn't matter,
not time, not place,
not situation,
it's like i could only hear the sound,
of my heart begin to pound,
2 the beat of her breaths,
as her voice sang,
and a few other naughty things,

captivated i was,
in the mood 2 see,
just what this night,
had in store for me,
cuz so in tune was she,
with such bite she said 2 me,
and a few other,

i can't even tell ya the other naughty things,
who knew it could be such a bliss,
i'd never heard it said quite like this,
so serious and without any intention of games,
she said, "christopher"
and a few other naughty things..

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