Monday, February 13, 2012

If These Walls Could Talk

sometimes you just have erotic thoughts.. okay, well by now, u've read, i have A LOT of erotic thoughts, but there are way more fun and creative ways to talk about it than to be blunt.  Sometimes the steamiest of conversations are the ones where nothing straight out is said, just playful banter that tells you where the night is going to lead.. well in this case.. if these walls could talk.. well ...

If These Walls Could Talk

U can feel my breath on the back of ur neck,
Every syllable echoing against the goosebumps,
U shiver, not from cold, from delight,
Then I spin u around, we make eye contact,
And kiss...

My name flowing freely from ur lips as I,
Caress u lightly finger tip touch,
Watch u tremble,
Feeling the rush,

Whispering beggin' don't stop,

As the music decrescendos,
I see the steam fog up the windows,
Haven't "went there", but the tempo's,
Leading in2 an innuendo,

Where do u want me?
Let ur eyes say,
How long can I stay,
I might be all day,

No 2nd guess, I want u always,
So taboo,
What they would say....

If these walls could talk!

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