Friday, February 10, 2012


this piece was my way of shouting at the memories and the people who put them there. my way of saying what i wanted to say to them when i was just a child.  it's anger filled and with lots of expletives. .. read on at your own risk.


i didn't want to,
u fucking made me,
i couldn't stop u,
4 that i hate me,

had to block the pain,
it turned to anger quick,
so with my pen i kill u,
over and over u son of a bitch!

i watch u die with every line,
every stroke, every verse,
i can write your demise a different way, every night,
each vision, much worse,

i couldn't fight u,
i was just a kid,
but now i get revenge,
for all that shit i did,

u will not own me,
u will not make me sin,
u're soul might make it to heaven,
but u'll go to hell, a thousand times with my pen,

i didn't want 2,
u fucking made me do it,
i had no choice, i had no voice,
u die with a pen,
u'll die with my pen,
on the paper u pay,
a different way, every day.

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