Tuesday, February 14, 2012



step 2 me,
arch your back,
curve your spine,
let your eyes gaze into mine,
take in this love potion # 9,
let a sweet supple sip drip from your bottom lip,
while my hands rest on the top of your hips,
and kiss, yes the kiss,
our mouths intertwine as our tongue's get 2 know each other,
there's never been a better time than the present to touch,
finger tips only,
i'll trace your body lightly as the goosebumps form,
breathe on the nape of your neck,
as i feel u getting warm,
you're panting slowly,
i can tell that it's something u need,
u're begging me 2 undress u,
so i'll begin with your jeans,
each button and slowly unzip,
your eyes never off mine,
and the kiss, yes the kiss,
is connected hotter and harder than before,
the only words u can muster..

"more baby, more"

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