Sunday, February 12, 2012


U're not a little feather falling,
U're not a precious heart about 2 break,
U're just that "need me" voice calling,
The culmination of mistakes that I have made,

Tell me why?!!!!
Why can't I unhear u,
Why must ur song keep whispering inside,
And tell me why?!!!!
Every time I end up near u,
I can't gain control over my mind...

Jezebel•••u're no good 4 me•••
Jezebel•••just go away & let me be•••
Jezebel•••I'd rather be without than be with u•••••••Jezebel

Another tale of woe,
Another "I don't know how I can deal"
Another round of excuses,
Hanging on 2 every moment u can steal,

Crocodile teardrops fall on my canary

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