Monday, February 13, 2012

Civil War

when you just wanna say to that other person.. stop fighting with me.. what the hell are u fighting with me for.. and why is it ALWAYS another fight?

Civil War

U're opposite of what u're s'posed 2 be,
So far away instead of close 2 me,
Who woulda thought that being here,
Would be so challenging?

When every breath turns in2 screaming,
Every scream in2 a tear,
Every go 2 bed won'dring,
What the •••• I'm doing here,

U're gonna be the death of me,
U're gonna be the one that wins,
U're gonna be everything,
I'll never amount 2 in the end,

Another night another breakdown,
Another glassy eyed redemption,
Another shaky handed calm down,
Ahhhhhh that just isn't calming...

When talking turns 2 yelling 2 screaming,
How do u justify the crying?
Why can't u love the one u're pushing away,
The one that's slowly dying??

U're gonna be the death of me,
U're gonna be the one who wins,
When my heart is beating out of my chest,
And I'm lying on the floor,
U're gonna be the death of me,
U're gonna have ur hand raised up again,
And be everything,
I could never amount 2 in the end....

Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite,
Close ur eyes for sweet dreaming,

I'll close my eyes 4 sweet dreaming..
Or maybe I'll just close..

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