Tuesday, February 28, 2012


transparent, naked in a crowded room,
my hands bound 2 a chair by the grip of your,
suntan stockings,

my hardness will not be contained,
nor will my excitement be denied,
as the crowds mingle aimlessly about,
i beg 4 u, i plead 4 u,
i scream 4 u, i long 4 u,
i need u...i WANT u,

Hummiliate me if u must in font of everyone,
slap me in the face if u will,
kiss me with an open mouth,
while u handle me with closed fist,

my erection will most surely self destruct,
if u make me wait any longer,
it's been said u cannot rape the willing,
but 2night u could try,

would u have your way with me?
make me your lil nymph?
your personal whore,

4 u i'd drink only of ur sweat,
i'd dine only on ur lips,
4 just 1 of ur fingers 2 touch me,
i beg of u,

take me,
please me,
make me,
rape me..

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