Friday, February 10, 2012


a day that will live in my memory until i have no more memory to remember...   this piece speaks for itself.


The lighting is almost perfect,
The blankets are scattered on the floor,
This is not the first time,
They've done this a thousand times before,

The camera's in the corner,
The scent of perfume overtakes the room,
Stockings just the way He likes it,
To Deny, would certainly be doom,

Action is said as the red button is compressed,
Your suddenly taken out of,
The clothed which u were dressed,
Hands and face assault u with all u can take,

Slaps, but no cries, u cannot deviate the plan,
You try to look away,
But your neck is held tight by the man,

You feel him reach his pleasure,
while u feel every inch of pain,
You're suddenly in silence,
Except for the sound of your name...

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