Sunday, February 12, 2012


3am candle lit tear-stained cheek,
gettin' outta this kitchen,
can't take the heat,
just listenin' 2 the barely beating of my heart,
u could say whatever's on ur mind,
any clever proverbs u can find,
say u hate me, say "it's not u", "it's just me",
but don't say u love me...

my heart ain't what it used 2 be,
i'm picking it up off the ground,
taking it back 4 me,
u could come up with the cleverest of lines,
put it in a poem.. make all the words rhyme,
shout it from a roof top, or a mountain,
high above me..
long as u don't say u love me...
i can't take the consequences,

of what an "i love u" will do,
can't take the pain of feeling again,
having another dream not come true,
show a little mercy,
a little relief,
far from the sadness,
far from the grief,
say u hate me & lie right thru,
ur pretty little teeth,
don't say u love me

don't have a way 2 pick up all the pieces,
when my heart falls broken on the floor,
and any time someone's said they love me,
they follow up with "i don't love u anymore"
turn ur back 2 me and move ahead,
about as far from me as u can get,
and there'll be no reason 2 ever regret,
if u.. don't say... u love me..
please don't.. u say... u love me.
don't say u love me

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