Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston

there are many things that i could write about, but there is only one topic that comes to mind..


I was just 10 when I first heard this angelic voice on the radio, telling me that the "Greatest Love of All" was inside of me.  I was capitvated by her voice and how amazing her tone, pitch and sound carried through the speakers.  I hadn't seen a video of her yet, so I had no idea or pre concieved notion of color. All i knew was this voice was amazing.  I was fixated with matching her voice. Pushing my falsetto to limits it hadn't been pushed. I wanted to sound like... THAT! I studied her breathing techniques and learned her songs front to back and could listen to her over and over and over.  When she covered Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You", I was in awe, like the rest of the world.  Whitney had shown her pipes, but she clowned on this song.  Effortlessly she took you through the emotions of the lyric and demanded you feel something. I will not reflect on her personal choices, which could be brought into serious question.  I will not go into great length on my opinion that if she hadn't settled for Bobby Brown, that she might be alive today.  I will, instead say "Thank You" to an Icon, a Legend, and "The VOICE" .. 

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