Friday, February 10, 2012

In a Time of Plants

As with most of the things i write, the words come to me like a second language. Some, have a specific meaning that u can pick up on, some are simple love songs that define a feeling i'm feeling or desire to feel. Sometimes, though, the words don't have a simple meaning. I find myself, sometimes trying to figure out just what the hell i could have been thinking about when i wrote a specific piece.  It is those pieces that i am most proud of, because they make u think.  It's not as simplistic as.. oh, he means this person, this feeling or that.  Matter of fact, sometimes, when the reader reads a piece the first time, they are like.. what the hell is he talking about?   Well, this is my most artsy piece.  I first wrote the words after having them "saved" in my head all day long about 3 years ago.  Today, they make total sense and with that, i give u.. 
                                                                  In a Time of Plants

 a cheek without a kiss,
a tongue without taste,
a glance without a notice,
eyes, without a face,

i'm in a time of laughter,
but i'm much too scarred to dance,
i'm better off without the water,
in a time of plants.

a touch without emotion,
anger without a cause,
downhill without breaking,
perfection without flaws,

addition without subtraction,
1+1 not equal to 2,
light without a dark,
a ME without a You,

in a time of laughter,
i'm much too scarred to dance,
better off without the water,
in a time of Plants,

Better off without the water,
I'm in a time of Plants

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