Wednesday, May 11, 2016


20 fingers,
20 toes,
Only thing separating us;
Is the fabric of your pantyhose, 
Lips exchanging words so complex,
When I look at u all I think about is sex,
I want u, I need u, I hunger, I hunger, 
I've got 2 have u,
U know just what I like,
Cuz u like the same things,
My fetish is getting u off,
Treat me like your play thing,
All nite long is what we'll do,
Ur mouth on me and mine on u, 
I'll do what u tell me to, 
Let me pleasure, let me serve,
Give u all that u deserve,
Take u there a thousand times,
Can u go a thousand times,
Let's video our play tonight, 
So tomorrow we can rewind,
Watch it while we lay 2gether,
Let our hands do all the work,
... Damn... 
I need to get my mind right,
But if u got no plans 2night,
And u wanna ... 
I'll run u a bubble bath...
Baby can u do the math.. 
20 fingers 
20 toes,
Only thing that separates us,
Is the fabric of your pantyhose... 

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