Saturday, April 30, 2016


Back of your head.. As I kiss ur neck,
Side of your face.. When I move 2 ur lips,
All over u I'm gonna leave my.. 

Down ur spine, soft as a feather,
Round ur waist, then 2 ur nether,
All over u .. I'm gonna leave my..
Fingerprints ..

Oh so...soft & slow...
Every inch of u.. Even tho..
2night u can claim ur innocence,
But not 2morrow, and the evidence,
Will be.. When they find.. My..

Probably more, but never less,
On ur shoes, stockings and dress,
The dna of our "sesh" will spin a tale,
That would impress, the most creative of minds,

A camera might have recorded it all,
The minute ur clothes began 2 fall,
So that we could relive the experience,
The first time I covered u with my...


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