Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Could be having a day from hell,
Nothing's gonna go right, 
Far as I can tell,
Wanna smile, 
but nothing can make me,
And ...then... She calls,

Four little words leaving her lips,
Full of wonder and wow,

When I Wanna rage, 
when I wanna scream out loud,
That's when.. She calls me.. Baby..

I surrender, acquiesce,
How she reads me is anybody's guess,
Even when I feel like such a hot mess,
That's when .. She calls me.. Baby..

I can do anything..anything,
She makes me wanna do everything,
With her love I'm boundless,
I've got an understanding of love,
I've never had before...

She can change my every mood,
From super bad 2 super good,
She makes me smile, 
She makes me happy,
I've never been this happy before...

My smile could be all upside down,
The darkest cloud,the darkest frown,
I could feel like I was going crazy,
And..then.. She calls me.. Baby...

I love it ... When...  She calls me...

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