Saturday, January 23, 2016


Sittin here the bar's about 2 close,
There's someone tryin 2 sell a rose,
But ain't nobody buyin one for u,
I'm up on the stage again,
One last song 'fore the night will end,
But I buy 1 and I sing this song 2 u..

I was think man, a couple beers ago,
U look just like u did 20 years ago,
When I saw u down the halls of our high school,
Never dated me, u were 2 cool,
But since all your friends have left do u,
Think u might wanna hang with me 2night..
It don't have 2 be until the end,
But u look like u could use a friend,
Hell, at least someone 2 drove u home...

Funny back in those days,
U were all about gettin the grades,
And I was focused on writin the perfect song,
I never got to know u tho I wanted to,
I kept on writin just like a fool,
Yet here we are 2gether,
Do ya think it would be wrong...

If we left here till the Mornin light,
Drive somewhere watched the sunrise,
Maybe talk about the times we've missed,
I could tell u how I always start thinkin of u,
And all those things we never got 2 do,
U could tell me 2 go 2 hell, 
Or maybe the drive would do us both well,
Then again maybe I could just drive u home..

Since graduation, I've been thru the wringer,
Never quite made it as a country singer,
I sing karaoke here 3 times a week,
I take requests I know all the hits,
I don't expect u 2 give a shit,
But if u feel like I feel and don't wanna be alone,
Would it be okay if I drove u home....
I was just thinkin couple beers ago,
U look just like u did 20 years ago,
Time hasn't changed u a bit,
So if u ain't got plans for the rest of the night,
We could drive somewhere watch the sunrise,
Talk about all the time we've missed,
Or if u would rather be alone,
Would it be okay, if I just drove u home?

Would it be okay.. If I just drove u...

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