Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Every Time I Turn My Back

There u go again...
It seems ur favorite pastime,
Is making a fool out of me,
Cuz it happens.. Every single time..
I turn my back...

I go 2 work,
You're on your phone,
Takin to him again,
He knows you're alone,
Is he is my house,
Is he in our bed,
Why can't u leave me, 
Or let him go instead?

Might not be God's gift,
But I'm a good man,
I work hard for u,
I do the best that I can,
I make it, so u can spend it,
Why can't u call him up and end it?

Guess I'm gonna go,
Since u ain't tryin 2 clean up your act,
Gotta get far away,
From anyone who would disrespect me like that,
It ain't love, when I ain't enough,
Every time...
I turn my back...

I'm far from Perfect,
But I should've been worth it,
And this pain.. I damn sure don't deserve it,
So u can do whatever u need 2,
I won't be in the way,
But if you're gonna be with him, 
In MY home u can't stay,
Oh why... Do u keep callin him,
Every time...
I turn my back...

Seems your favorite past time,
Is making a fool of me....

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