Thursday, August 27, 2015

Beautiful Breakdown

She's the closest thing 2 perfect, 
I'll ever know,
When I'm at my worst, 
She still welcomes me home,
2 open arms they calmly take me down,
She's my beautiful breakdown..

When it's too loud in my head,
She pulls me in and the shouting stops,
She whispers 3 words the most beautiful sound,
She's my beautiful breakdown,

I can cry, and she's there 2 dry my tears,
I fee like I can't go on,
She says "u can" and takes away all of my fears,
I've never believed like I believe right now,
I can be strong cuz she's turned the quicksand,
Into a solid ground...

She's an angel with hidden wings,
Her halo is in her nightstand by the bed,
She's my other half, she completes what was never 2 be whole,
She's my conscience.. She's my soul...

She's my beautiful breakdown,

When I'm feeling ugly, 
She tells me I am beautiful,
When I've fallen down,
She tells me to get back up,
She's the first hand reaching,
The telephone ringing,
When I need 2 hear her voice,
She doesn't have 2 be...
I'm her choice...
She's my beautiful breakdown...

1 comment:

  1. Really love this! Thanks for sharing... Glad to provide a little inspiration! Wish it was that easy for me to write like this! Jealous!