Monday, May 4, 2015


Wanna watch the sun set in ur eyes,
Wanna see u light up when u smile,
Wanna smell ur sweet perfume,
Feel the butterflies when holding ur hand,
Wanna be still and hear ur heart beat,
Wanna whisper soft in ur ear,
The words not meant 4 others,
Words that only u should hear,

Wanna see u with no make up,
Without ur hair done,
When u wake up & just get outta bed,
When u could go spend the day at work,
But u out on ur sweats & hang with me instead,

Wanna hear how my name sounds,
When u call me,
How good night feels rolling off ur lips,
How cute ur laugh is, when I say something stupid,
So I'll be stupid over,
And over again,

Oh... If u knew,
All of the things I wanna do with u,
But u don't and u won't, 
And I'll never admit it's true,
Oh I'm Fallin'
I'm Fallin'

Wanna learn all there is 2 know about,
Everything in between, inside and out,
Wanna know everything about ur past,
The one with whom u know it will last,

Oh... If u knew,
All the things I wanna do with u,
But u don't and u won't,
I will never admit it's true,
I'm Fallin'
Oh I'm Fallin'

For u... 

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