Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lipstick on my Collar

Long day at work... 
All Day long there was no focus,
There's a distraction on my shirt,
That requires re-evaluation,
Last night was a vision,
When I walked in thru the door,
She was on the kitchen table,
Never seen her like this before,

White button down from my closet,
Tie loosely hanging,
Sheer tights underneath, 
My mind is spinning & racing,
Lips the perfect shade "absolute burgundy"

A finger pointed outward, pulling me towards her "come 2 me"

No other words need spoken,
She whispers "take me as U wish",
Her legs part as I advance,
She greets me with a kiss,
Passion thrown out the window,
This is animalistic lust,
From my lips, my cheeks,
My neck, my ears, she's covering every inch and just... 
As she moves to my chest,
A shoulder kiss makes me holler,
So all day long I've been staring at her ..

Lipstick on my collar..

OMG.. If walls could talk,
The recollections they would tell,
The way she put her hands on me, 
The way she her touches felt,
Kisses from my nipples, down my chest and to my... OMG...

The way she took control of me...
The way she swallowed every drop,
The naughty way she said "my turn"
Then laid her head back with a smile,
I've gotta give her what she gave me,
I've gotta make her moan,
I gotta show her my appreciation,
I gotta put her in that zone,

Slowly her legs rise, 
Feet meeting my face,
I lick and suck and nibble each toe,
Letting nothing go to waste,
The taste of her tights & her flesh,
One of my favorite tastes,
Hungrily I take them in,
While the rest of her awaits..
Her head is moving side to side,
This is worth a million dollars,
I see her lips hit my shirt,
Leaving lipstick on my collar..

Kisses up her legs, her thighs,
Now to her treasure,
Ecstasy is flowing in ways too hot to measure,
I rip the rights to get closer 2 my destination,
She tastes so good it's gonna be hard 4 me 2 stop,
I'm licking every inch of her from the bottom 2 the top,
She's writhing,
She's using words that would make a truck driver blush,
She's tensing up,
She's feeling the intensity of the rush,
She's begging me to stop,
Yet begging me for more,
She's screaming my name,
Pulling me closer, 
She's rolled us off the table 2 the floor,
She's now on top of me,
Grinding herself in2 my face,
Her hips moving with force,
She's looking down...
She's smiling...
She's shivering...
Goosebumps on top of goosebumps,
She's grabbing my head and pulling it in,
She's feeling that feeling,
I'm sure she's coming again,
Suddenly she collapses, rolls over next 2 me and sighs,
Tells me she loves me, 
Asks how was my night,
I say it's one for the ages,
The best I ever had,
She kisses my cheek,
And snarky says,
"Yeah, it wasn't too bad"
She takes off my shirt,
Says I want U 2 wear this 2morrow,
And think about me every time,
U see that lipstick on ur collar..

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