Monday, June 6, 2016


Her smile's like a whisper,
She never laughs 2 loud,
Wherever we go she stands out in the crowd,
She's so beautiful,
She barely wears make up,
She don't need it 2 shine,
Wherever we go I'm so proud that she's mine,
She's so beautiful,

Every woman looks at her like they've never seen a real princess before, 
Every man wishes they could open her doors,
Pull out her chairs, I love how they stare,
She's so beautiful... 

Best part about it,
She just don't know,
Yet every time I see her, I've got 2 tell her so,
She's beautiful... 
She don't wear dresses,
Or heels that are 2 high,
But she's the ruler of my every day and night,
She's beautiful.. She's beautiful,

There's no better word for her inside or out,
She doesn't watch real housewives or care what they're about, 
She'll watch the ball games, 
She'll cheer for my teams,
She's my soul mate, 
The girl of my dreams,
She's beautiful.. She's beautiful..

The best side of her is what nobody sees,
When she's lookin in my eyes before she falls asleep, 
She tells me she loves me and cuddles up real close beside me,

I don't know what I would do without her,
All day long all I do is think about her,
There's never been one before, 
There'll never be anyone more...

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