Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Love the way U look,
Wanna take a pic,
Wanna stare at U,
Wanna take U in,
Way U're dressed right now,
Right out of my favorite wish,
Only sound I wanna hear right now,
Is ur nylon swish....

Want U 2 keep on those heels,
Let me take off the rest,
Keep on those stockings,
U know I love them best,
Wanna put U up on the table,
Get close enough 2 kiss,
When U wrap ur legs around me?
Wanna hear ur nylons swish...

Fingernails up and down my spine,
Kissing ur neck, biting ur lip,
Is all that's on my mind,
Tasting U there,
Taking U as far beyond bliss,
Keep ur legs wrapped around me,
Wanna feel...

Every shake and every tremble,
Every pulse of ur heart,
Wanna drink every drop,
Get me started I will not stop,
Push me down,
I'll pull U on top,
Put me deep inside ur gift,
Up and down, in and out,
We drift,
Only sounds that I wanna hear,
Ur moans and ur nylon swish,

Ur moans and ur nylon swish...

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