Wednesday, March 15, 2017



If u're ever in Missouri,
Come on by,
I could make u dinner,
Maybe u could stay the night,
We could talk but a fire,
Dance close and slow to ur favorite song,
We could make a lot of memories, 
That would last our whole life long, 
Yeah if u're ever.. in Missouri...
Come on by...

If you're ever lookin' for love,
Here I am,
When u're tired of foolin around,
With all those other men,
U could load up the car,
Take all except ur worries,
Put ur left foot on the gas,
Get here in a hurry, 
If u're lookin for love,
Come 2 Missouri... 

When u have finally had enough,
Of talkin bout it,
And you're ready 2 put, 
This forever in action,
It's not 2 far away,
If u think about it,
If I'm really the 1, 
And u can't live without it,
Come 2 Missouri,

If you're ever in Missouri, 
Come on by,
There's a love that's been waitin on u,
U should give a try,
A lot of beautiful scenery,
And the heart of a real nice guy,
If you're ever in Missouri...

If you're ever in Missouri...

Come on By....

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